About Kennedy School

  • Welcome to Kennedy Elementary School!

    Kennedy Elementary School strives to provide its 260 students with a challenging and rigorous academic program that prepares them to reach their full potential. We support our district's vision of "Preparing the children of today for tomorrow" by teaching our students to be lifelong learners with an emphasis on creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. Kennedy Elementary prides itself on our Kennedy Kindness theme with our motto, "Kennedy Kindness, Pass it On". This is celebrated both in school and within the school community daily through positive affirmations and celebrations of random acts of kindness during our morning announcements to schoolwide activities.

    At Kennedy Elementary School we are committed to providing students an educational experience that fosters creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills through a robust curriculum accompanied by differentiated learning opportunities to best meet the students' academic needs. The curriculum is fully aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, providing students the opportunity to explore learning through 21st-century skills as they navigate the standards. To aid in this process, we have an "In support of Learning" program to provide additional support to our students. We also offer our PEAK program to provide enrichment opportunities for our students; as well as STEAM-based learning opportunities to challenge and encourage all learners in the building.